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Digital Science APAC Showcase 2021: Dimensions Session
** 9am-9:30: "Pathway to the new FoR codes" presented by Simon Porter (30 mins)
** 9:30-9:50: "Beginner's guide to Dimensions on Google BigQuery" presented by Danu Poyner and Jared Watts (20 mins)

Jun 24, 2021 09:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Simon Porter
Director of Innovation @Digital Science
Simon came to Digital Science from the University of Melbourne, where he has worked for the past 15 years in roles spanning the Library, Research Administration, and Information Technology. Beginning from a core strength in the understanding of how information on research is collected, Simon has forged a career transforming university practices in how data about research is used, both from administrative and eResearch perspectives. In addition to making key contributions to research information visualization and discovery within the university, Simon is well known for his advocacy of Research Profiling Systems and their capability to create new opportunities for researchers. Over the past three years, Simon has established and run the annual Australasian conference on research profiling. In 2012, Simon was the program chair of the third annual VIVO conference.
Danu Poyner
Product Specialist APAC @Dimensions
Danu has worked in research management roles in Australian and New Zealand universities, focussing on research systems, performance and policy. As a Dimensions Product Specialist, he supports academic institutions throughout the region with data-driven approaches to analysing and improving research performance and impact.
Jared Watts
Lead Engineer @Dimensions
Jared Watts is the lead engineer responsible for Dimensions on Google BigQuery. Jared has over a decade of experience in software engineering, managing development teams and products with a particular focus on library, academic and research information management.