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How can youth information services support young refugees? Part II Online Café
Topic: support for young refugees

In the partnership framework between ERYICA and the Council of Europe, in April this year, we started a discussion with young refugees and youth information providers to better understand their situation and needs, especially regarding information and counselling.

The second part of the Online Café, "How can youth information services support young refugees?" will introduce the results of the survey, which was conducted by ERYICA, in cooperation with the Association of Ukrainians "Dzherelo" (Spain). This survey aimed to understand the information needs, expectations, and interests of young refugees from Ukraine displaced due to the current war in their home country.

Good practices of working with refugees and an open brainstorming session will follow the report results. The combination of both inputs from the speakers and open discussion will help youth (information) workers grasp ways of adapting youth information and counselling services to the needs of young refugees across Europe and supporting their involvement and integration in the hosting communities.

Like the first part, the session will be an informal discussion open to youth information workers, youth workers, young people and anybody willing to understand and improve the situation of young refugees in Europe.

Sep 30, 2022 11:00 AM in Luxembourg

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