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22- Chest Wall Perforator Flaps
This is the 22nd iBreastBook webinar on the 20th of November 2021 at 17:00 UK time

The talks will cover

17:00-17:15: Anatomy and Planning
Peter Barry, London, England, United Kingdom

17:15-17:30: How do I do them Step by Step
Amit Agrawal, Cambridge, England, U.K.​

17:30-17:45: How do I do them
Andrii Zhygulin, Kiev, Ukraine

17:45-18:00: Complications
Andreas Karakatsanis

18:00 Discussion

Moderators: Yazan Masannat
Panelists: Ashutosh Kothari and Omar Sherif Omar

Spanish Channel, by Ricardo Pardo, Bolton, England, U.K.
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