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Write and co-author research articles in SciFlow across institutions worldwide
We believe that OpenScience also means overcoming collaboration barriers to facilitate cooperation. Sending different versions by mail is a thing of the past: SciFlow is a single-point application that everybody can use with an Internet connection.

-- Easy follow-ups and automated formatting save precious time --

Writing collaboratively on the same version of an article, sharing references, and reviewing options are essential features of SciFlow to allow co-authors worldwide to write a paper together. With our change tracking feature, you can always see who changed what and create revisions to go back to later.

-- Automated formatting saves time and nerves for the whole team --

With thousands of journal templates from publishers (e.g., Elsevier, Wiley, IEEE, Springer Nature, and others), researchers will find it easy to start with SciFlow, as a suitable template can be found right from the start. If necessary, missing templates will, of course, continue to be developed upon request.

-- Learn more about SciFlow in this live webinar --

In this webinar, the speakers and founders of SciFlow GmbH - Dr. Carsten Borchert and Frederik Eichler - will cover the following topics:

- Introduction to SciFlow and the writing process.
- Live Demo: Writing a research article or a thesis/book with SciFlow in a team
- How to introduce SciFlow at your research institution
- SciFlow for your institution's needs & subsequent Q&A session 
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