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High Yield Arrows for the USMLE (Test Taking Strategy!)
Welcome to our new webinar ➡️ High Yield Arrows for the USMLE (Test Taking Strategy).

Arrow questions can comprise of at least 2-4 questions on your USMLE Step 1 exam. In looking at the free 120, for example, 4-6 questions are arrow based. This question type allows for the USMLE/NBME test foundational understanding of a concept. Usually these questions will be physiology or pathophysiology in nature.

This session will focus on optimizing your understanding and test taking for Arrow questions. My goal is to provide an approach to arrow questions & then practice throughout the 1-hour long session.

As a courtesy, if you sign up for the webinar, please make sure you do your best to attend as we frequently have a waitlist for the session. If you cannot make the session, feel free to join me on my YouTube LIVE (subscribe/notification bell to join!)

Sign up to join me at 10 AM EST.

-Questions? rahul@hyguru.com

Here's a link to my prior webinars: https://bit.ly/3GDuHn1. Also, if you are interested in preparing with me, please check out my very unique Test Taking Strategies course (comes with a USMLE Study Plan) as well as my USMLE Step 1 Pass Fail course ➡️www.hyguru.com

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