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Beyond Covid-19 Webinar Series: Staffing: What's best for my business, what's best for my people?
The Covid-19 Pandemic has virtually stalled the US economy and others around the world, forcing business leaders to take drastic actions with little time to understand the impact to the future of their companies. With 81% of US employees now working remotely how can leaders manage? Whom should I retain, furlough or terminate? How can I manage roles remotely and get the results I need? How do I treat my employees fairly, yet make the right decisions for my business? Is this an opportunity to re-structure the company, or even re-design my business model for the future?

Topics include:

• Making the right calls for my company and my employees
• Payroll Protection Program (PPP), what happens when it ends?
• Impacts to retaining, furloughing or terminating my employees
• Re-structuring my company for the future

Panelists Include:
--Manish Malhotra, Chairman & CEO, Unissant Corporation
--Patrick Hyland, Ph.D,, Director, Research & Development, Mercer | Sirota
--Agata Nguyen, SHRM-CP, Director of People Operations, The Humane League


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