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Plant-Based Nutritional Strategies in Health & Sport: Facts & Fallacies
With the growing interest in the health benefits of plant-based or vegan diets, it is relevant to consider whether plant-based dietary practices could also influence athletic performance. Research shows that a well-planned, appropriately supplemented plant-based diet can effectively support athletic performance, but there is some confusion as to what special foods or supplements may be necessary and to whom. The primary goal of this webinar will be to help the audience understand how plant-based diets can adequately support both endurance, and power/strength sports in addition to optimizing body composition goals. The current science surrounding the need for specific supplements beyond the well-known micronutrients (i.e. iron, vitamin B12), such as creatine, carnitine and choline will also be reviewed. The speaker will also briefly highlight some of the other motivations behind the desire to "go vegan" such as environmental and ethical concerns, and will also share her experiences working with high performance plant-based vegan athletes.

Jun 18, 2020 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Nanci S. Guest PhD, RD, CSCS
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Department of Nutritional Sciences @Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Dr. Nanci Guest is a registered dietitian (sport focus) and a strength and conditioning coach working in private practice for over two decades. She completed two Bachelor of Science degrees and a Master of Science degree at the University of British Columbia, in the areas of agricultural science, kinesiology and nutritional sciences. Her doctoral research focused on nutrigenomics and athletic performance, at the University of Toronto, where she also received the 2019 Dr. Michael C. Archer Award for Research Excellence. She continues her post-doctoral research in this area, in addition to plant-based nutrition. She has published her research in top journals, and given dozens of invited talks in Canada, the USA and Europe. She teaches college-level sport nutrition and is a global consultant to professional and amateur athletes and teams. She was the Head Dietitian at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Toronto 2015 Pan Am games and has helped to prepare athletes for several past Olympics.