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Cranial cruciate ligament rupture in dogs - What are my options?
Live interactive webinar on cruciate ligament injuries, suitable for all dog owners who:

• have already experienced a cruciate ligament injury in your dog: recently or a long time ago, but you still want to do your best to maintain your dog's well-being and activity in the future.

• have not yet encountered the injury, but you want to know more about the injury itself, treatment options and get instructions for strengthening (even healthy) knees.

• What to expect at an ortho examination?
• Why just bracing isn't enought?
• Surgery behind us! What now?
• What about the future? Long-term care.
• + Q&A


Marko Novak, DVM, orthopedist, Klinika Loka

Eva Čepin, DVM, CCRP, Dogs4motion – vet rehab and hydro center

Price: 36 EUR

A video of the webinar will be available for another week for anyone who would not be able to attend the live event!


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