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Strategies for designing the Digital Employee Experience (DEX)
This workshop will cover:
1. The evolution of Human Experience (HX) to build a hybrid inclusive work culture
2. Principles to shape a digital employee experience
3. An understanding of the systemic factors that drive HX
o Structure and Skill
o EVP and the lived Experience
o Culture and Employee Experience (EX)
o Analytics and diagnostic empathy mapping
o Employee Experience enablers
4. Practical immersion of designing an HR process DEX principles
o E.g. Onboarding
o E.g. Maternity Leave

Participants will receive:
• Tools for designing and shaping the HX
• A practical framework for designing the onboarding and offboarding - the 2 critical moments that matter in the EX journey

Feb 25, 2022 09:00 AM in Harare, Pretoria

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