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Access to migration and integration funding for cities: What can (not) be achieved within the new EU Budget?
Municipalities have the lions share when it comes to migrant and refugee reception. They are responsible for providing housing, integration into local labor markets and social services such as health care, childcare, and education. Yet, they are notoriously short on funding and continue to be precluded from most EU decisions on asylum and migration policy. Nevertheless, many municipalities across Europe have declared they are ready to welcome migrants and refugees.

Starting from a recently published policy brief by HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform on EU funding, this panel discussion will attempt to provide an overview of the possibilities for migration and integration funding for cities within the new EU Budget. The discussion will ask: What funds can be used in what way by cities and municipalities for migration and integration expenses? What is currently be done to improve cities access to direct EU funding? And what can and should be done in the future to strengthen the financial capabilities of cities in migration and integration matters?

Co-organised by The Greens / EFA in the European Parliament

IT – DE – EN – FR interpretation will be provided


17:00 – 17:05: Welcome by MEP Damian Boeselager

17:05 – 17:15: Introduction and presentation policy brief, Dr. Malisa Zobel & Johannes Krabbe, HUMBOLDT- VIADRINA Governance Platform

17:15 – 18:30: Panel moderated by Malisa Zobel

- Anita Vella, Head of Unit Legal Pathways and Integration, DG Home
- Antje Grotheer, Vice President Bremen State Parliament and member of COR
- Claus Habfast, elected representative of the City of Grenoble, in charge of European Affairs
- Emilia Postolache, European Affairs Officer, Council of Europe Development Bank
- Niels Tubbing, senior policy advisor with the city of Amsterdam and chair of Eurocities' working group Migration & Integration
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Anita Vella
Head of Unit "Legal Pathways and Integration" @European Commission - DG Migration and Home Affairs
Emilia Postolache
European Affairs Officer @Council of Europe Development Bank
Damian Boeselager
Member of European Parliament @Volt / The Greens EFA
Antje Grotheer
Vice President Bremen State Parliament and Member @European Committee of the Regions
Niels Tubbing
Coordinator International Social Affairs @City of Amsterdam
Claus Habfast
City Councillor for European Affairs @City of Grenoble