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Simple & Actionable Steps for More Effective Marketing with Marketing 3-4-5™
This Marketing 3-4-5™ Quick Course will provide a marketing foundation that anyone can use to become more effective at marketing without becoming an expert at marketing.

We'll review a content marketing approach that can be done by anyone using simple 10-15 minute activities - no creativity required!

If you're interested in implementing or growing ecommerce we'll have some tips for you there too.

We'll explore free ways to cross-promote and distribute your content as well as examples from both businesses and Main Streets. We'll wrap up with key website considerations and examples of effective websites that you can quickly copy.

Coming out of this Marketing 3-4-5™ Quick Course you can expect to:
- Understand how to simplify marketing for your organization
- Better leverage your real-world-relationships and create win-win situations through automated cross-promotion
- Quickly create and distribute content that sets your business or community apart and helps you rank on Google and grow your reach in social media and through email newsletters
- Find ways to adjust your website to maximize impact


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