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How to Pay for College: Smart Money Moves for College-Bound Families
Join Tom Martin for his "How to Pay for College: Smart Money Moves for College-Bound Families"

In this webinar, Tom takes a deep into the numbers colleges and universities are looking at when coming up with your family's unique college price tag. He answers parents' most pressing financial concerns like:

• Where can we get into college?
• Where can we get the most financial aid and scholarship money?
• What if we make too much money to qualify for financial aid?
• What colleges can we afford based on what we have today?
• How do we pay for all four years, down to the penny?
• How will our college choices affect our plans for retirement?

Tom Martin is a financial advisor at Vaylark Financial Services. He works with families to make the most of school selection, financial aid, investments, and tax opportunities so parents can retire on time.

"It's the ultimate problem-solving task we have to address as financial advisors, making sure our clients don't outlast their money. The decisions we make (or don't make) around college will greatly affect when we can retire." - Tom Martin
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