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Tea Pots to Tin Lids
We usually discuss the use of shells, rifles, grenades and guns; but do we ever think about how they were made and who made them? This talk is inspired by a James Dixon’s factory in Sheffield. His firm switched from making top of the range tea services for hotels and cruise ships to making the Brodie steel helmets.

Andrew Rawson will explain why Sheffield's industry was in a unique to support the war effort, with its expanding army and new inventions. Eventually, over 100,000 Sheffield people (a quarter of them women) were making war items and they made 11 million in total.

The presentation will look at the steel making process and how Sheffield’s metallurgists allowed the Great War to become the conflict that it was. He will use the city’s experience to show how British factories switched from domestic to military output.

Andrew will also explain how the Ministry of Munitions’ involvement changed the nation’s industrial landscape forever.

Oct 5, 2020 08:00 PM in London

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