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Webinar: Building an IT Asset Disposition Program
Join AJ Witt from The ITAM Review and Jeremy Olson, Corporate Services Director for Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations as we introduce you to the world of IT Asset Disposition. In this practical webinar we’ll introduce ITAD as a concept, align it with the rest of the asset lifecycle, and explore how best to approach improving IT Asset Disposition at your organisation. You’ll leave with a roadmap for implementing ITAD and an understanding of the key stakeholders, benefits, and KPIs needed to drive your ITAD programme forward.

In this agenda we will cover:

1. What is ITAD?
2. Why should it be of interest to IT Asset Managers?
3. What’s in scope and how should you develop an ITAD programme?
4. Who are my key stakeholders for ITAD?
5. What’s the business case, outcomes, and motivations?
6. Case Study: ITAD for Remote workforces
7. How do I choose an ITAD vendor?


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