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Evolution or Revolution: Risk and Compliance Functions in 2021 & Beyond
After a great session on anti-money laundering and financial crime back in February, this April we bring you a live event focusing on two issues that are near and dear to our community’s heart: Risk and Compliance.

Join us on Wednesday, April 21st at 14:30 GMT for a webinar that will analyze the future of both the risk and compliance functions and whether or not we should be on the lookout for a full-blown revolution of sorts for either of these sectors.

Some of the questions to be tackled by our three esteemed panelists, who are experts in risk, compliance and tax issues, include:

- How will COVID-19 forever change risk management in the financial services sector?
- What’s the role to be played by technology within the compliance function?
- How will advances in the behavioral sciences help improve risk-related decision-making?
- What does the future look like for risk transfer instruments?
- How will remote work and the work-from-home movement affect a company’s compliance obligations?
- And plenty more!

Make sure you book your seat TODAY for what’s shaping up to be another great IGCA production!

Duration: 1 hour (this is an open free public webinar)
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