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Embracing change - How Sleep is Foundational to Longevity and Health
The webinar will be chaired by Feisal Alibhai (Founder & CEO, Qineticare) and facilitated by Dr. Michel Golay (Chiropractor).

In this webinar, we will discuss:
• why rest and recovery is paramount and how to achieve it
• impact of sleep on autonomic nervous system
• different types of sleep: cortical; digestive

Aug 12, 2020 07:00 PM in Hong Kong SAR

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Feisal Alibhai
Founder & CEO @ Qineticare
Feisal Alibhai, a third-generation family business member, is the founder and CEO of Qineticare, the world ’s first ‘family health office’, based in Hong Kong. He epitomised society’s definition of success until a life-changing event at the age of 35 led him to change his focus. He now seeks to make a difference by helping others transform their lives. Feisal is the author of Four steps to flow: the art of living a meaningful life, head and heart united.
Dr. Michel Golay
Dr. Michel Golay, a former top sportsman and founder of the Lon [h] ea center in Geneva. A chiropractor by training, followed by thirty years of research and clinical experience aims to respond to the dead ends of a medical system that remains obsessed with the mere prospect of the disease. He’s developed a comprehensive and positive approach aims to maintain our internal system and in particular the relationship between our two main brains: the reptilian brain and the intestinal brain.