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Open Conversation: Cell Ag as the Future of Food Production
Cellular agriculture is the emerging field of producing animal products from cell culture, rather than animals. According to NewHarvest, cellular agriculture products have fewer environmental impacts, a safer, purer product, and a more consistent supply. This is because the product is being produced in safe, sterile, controlled conditions.

However with this new food production method, how will our food system change? How will new business models look like and how can we make sure we don’t repeat existing problems and achieve a circular economy model?

Michael Selden, Finless Foods (USA)
Nathalie Rolland, Agriculture Cellulaire France (France)
Illtud Llyr Dunsford Cellular Agriculture Ltd (Wales)
Natalie R. Rubio, Tufts University (USA)


This session is part of the 'Alternative Protein' Topical Week, where we will dedicate a week to a trend topic to get past the hype and high-level messages that dominate headlines and webinars, and really deep-dive into the technologies and startups shaping the food space. We aim to share lessons, ideas and opportunities with burgeoning entrepreneurs, and also uncover perspectives of next-gens around the world.

Open Conversations are lively and open 60-minute conversations with high-levels of audience participation. Each episode is led by a TFF Community leader coming from diverse locations around the world. The aim is to explore relevant topics with inputs and perspectives from the local, regional and global levels. A select group of panellists will have the chance to participate on-screen. Attendees who register via the public link are joining as silent listeners and can use the Q&A feature to ask questions.

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