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Women in Transition Webinar, Fragasso & Zacharia Brown
Key Financial and Legal Considerations When Experiencing Divorce or Loss of a Spouse

Losing a spouse/loved one or experiencing a divorce can be some of life's most emotional and confusing times. It is completely normal to feel upset and overwhelmed, but it is so important to set your emotions aside in order to make the best financial and legal decisions for you and your family. Professionals like your financial advisor and attorney can assist you in this process and help take the emotion out of your decision making.

Join Fragasso Financial Advisors and Zacharia Brown as we provide necessary guidance during what can be a vulnerable time for you. We will outline the steps logically and provide clarification, leaving little room for emotional decision making.

This live webinar will cover:

How to take control of your finances by determining assets/liabilities, your income and expenses and the importance of projecting these assets into the future

The impact of taxes on a divorce or loss of a loved one

Structuring wills, financial and healthcare power of attorneys 

What are probate vs. non-probate assets?

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