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ESID Grand Rounds Webinar: Diagnosis and Management of Patients with Pathogenic Mutations in CTLA4 or LRBA
Both, CTLA4 insufficiency and LRBA deficiency belong to the most prevalent diseases within the filed of inborn errors of immunity. While CTLA4 insufficiency is an autosomal-dominant trait with a reduced penetrance, LRBA deficiency seems to strictly follow autosomal recessive inheritance and displays full penetrance. However, due to their common pathomechanism (Lo et al, Science 2015) both conditions not only share a similar phenotype, but may also benefit form common management protocols. Such protocols have recently been published/suggested but need further improvement and dissemination, for which this seminar will be one forum.

After participating in this webinar, participants should be able to:

. Define how to diagnose patients with CTLA4- or LRBA deficiency
. Describe contemporary management of patients with CTLA4 insufficiency
. Describe contemporary management of patients with LRBA deficiency
. Discuss the role of HSCT in managing CTLA4- and LRBA deficiency
. Discuss the value of CTLA4-Fc in the management of CTLA4- and LRBA deficiency
. Describe the role of modifying factors in CTLA4- and LRBA deficiency
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