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Making London's Freight and Deliveries Smarter and Greener
From construction materials to COVID-19 vaccines, Londoners depend on goods and deliveries moving swiftly around the city. The surge in online retail has also meant we’ve been able to enjoy the convenience of having everything from groceries to clothing delivered to our doors quickly and at the click of a button.

However, being able to get the goods we want when we need or want them comes at a price. Pollutants from vans and lorries are also damaging to Londoners’ health, with poor and marginalised people more likely to bear the consequences. And moving goods efficiently can be hampered by congestion and parking issues, making life difficult for drivers and loading additional costs onto customers.

The Greater London Authority, London boroughs, businesses, and freight operators are working to meet these challenges. But a lot more still needs to be done, and rapidly, to ensure that we manage the growth in deliveries and achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

Join Centre for London and experts from the freight industry and local government to discuss:

- What can the Mayor and local authorities do to accelerate the shift to zero-carbon deliveries and what will this mean for consumers and businesses?
- Do we need to prioritise ‘working traffic’ in the capital, and how should we do this?
- What infrastructure will London need to cope with the doubling of parcel deliveries by 2030?
- What can London learn from other cities?

Nov 2, 2021 11:30 AM in London

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