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AMP Outreach and Communications Webinar Series: Tips for Safely Expanding Animal Research Communications and Outreach to Increase Public Support AND Bolster Security
This presentation will provide ideas and advice to individuals and organizations considering an increase in public education and transparency within their research institutions. This 60-minute presentation and Q&A session will include:
• Defining what “increasing openness and outreach” really means
• Information and case examples as to how expanded communications can diminish security threats
• Advice on where to begin
• Strategies for obtaining leadership buy-in for expanded communications and outreach
• Proactive outreach and communications case examples
• Q&A

AMP’s webinar is free and open to university and biotechnology employees in various roles including administration/department chairs, animal care leadership, researchers, communications professionals including media relations, internal and social media staff; security staff


Paula Clifford, MLA, RLATG, CVT serves as Executive Director of Americans for Medical Progress and has extensive experience developing and running highly-effective outreach programs.

Logan France, DVM, DACLAM is a practicing research veterinarian and also the Creator and Director of AMP’s Biomedical Research Awareness Day, a wildly popular outreach program adopted by health research organizations across the U.S. and around the globe.

Jim Newman serves as communications director for Americans for Medical Progress. He is a longtime communications and crisis communications professional with more than 25 years of experience working within biomedical research settings and in the news media.
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