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How to Make Environmental Product Claims as an Independent Fashion Brand
The apparel market is at a crossroads. Brands know that there is an urgency to reduce their environmental impact and improve the relationship with their workers. But change is tough. From complying with regulations to increasing product durability and ensuring worker safety, there is a lot to digest. For those that manage to deliver on the stakeholder demands of today, there lies an opportunity to lead the way into a new era of retail.

This week, Compare Ethics collaborated with Apparel Insider to shine a light on the greenwashing landscape in the fashion industry and celebrate the brands getting it right.

But for many independent business leaders, the journey to accurate and compliant impact communications remains a challenge. Global regulations and rules around what can and can’t be said are coming in hot and fast. Most businesses are struggling to keep up.

To help you regain confidence in your product impact claims, we’ll be talking to two independent fashion entrepreneurs from Sabinna and VAER to uncover:

- What does it mean for independent fashion brands to be compliant, today?
- Is it ever appropriate to use claims such as “sustainable” and “circular”?
- What are the challenges for independent brands when making environmental claims?
- How does transparency of product impact information unlock revenue?
- What are some actionable steps independent fashion brands can take now?

Plus, there will be a live Q&A at the end. So that you can get the insights you need to help you grow your apparel business in a way that is transparent, compliant and measurable. We want to make this session as useful and as engaging as possible!

Time: 14:00 (UK)
Date: Wednesday 27 July 2022

Recording available to all registered participants.


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Abbie Morris
Co-founder & CEO @Compare Ethics
Your host. With a background in sustainability policy and communications, Abbie has worked with governments, NGOs and the private sector, as well as international organisations such as the United Nations and World Economic Forum. For the last two years, Abbie has been recognised as one of The Most Influential Women in Tech and won the Stylus Changemakers Award in 2021. She helped to inform the UK's Green Claims Code and is continuing to influence policy and regulation worldwide.
Sabinna Rachimova
Founder @SABINNA
Panellist. Sabinna Rachimova is the founder of responsible fashion brand Sabinna and an opinion leader for the future generation of creatives. In addition to her work as an acclaimed designer, Sabinna is a public speaker, spreading the word about both fashion tech and sustainable fashion, as well as a consultant with a focus on fashion start-ups and education across Europe and the UK. In 2019, Sabinna was named one of Forbes 30under30 DACH for her achievements as an entrepreneur in the sustainable fashion industry.
Lili Dreyer
Founder @VAER
Lili is the founder of VAER, a textile upcycling start-up that makes upcycled sneakers from textile waste. Together with her co-founders, she is trying to crack the code to scalable textile upcycling, to enable the high-value recirculation of as many textiles as possible.