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Baltic Carbon Forum 2020
The BFC 2020 aims to bring decision-makers on various levels and from different sectors together for sharing experiences, discussion, and brainstorming to address the concerns of various stakeholders. The goal is to identify gaps to expediting the deployment of a full-scale CCUS in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). To do so, we invite speakers from different BSR countries, including policymakers, industry, financial institutes, civil society, and academia, to address the aforementioned questions. Due to the unfortunate pandemic situation, the BCF 2020 will be held online.

The program is available at https://bcforum.net/forum.php


!! Please note that the participants joining the BFC 2020 Webinar MUST use the "Zoom Desktop Client" or "Mobile App." You will not be able to join using the "Zoom Web Client" !!

GDPR Disclaimer
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