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Performance Benchmarking Meets R&D
Our August SaaS Conversations will cover the power of benchmarking to ensure maximum value from your R&D investments.

Lauren, Rob, and Rakesh will also cover some of the most important R&D strategy topics today including:

- Current R&D Expense benchmarks for highly valued Cloud companies
- Understanding how to benchmark the "agility" of your development team
- Management challenges and best practices to overcome them in outsourcing
- Ways that Covid has affected R&D employee retention rates and affected R&D structures for the foreseeable future
- How high-performance organizations benchmark their R&D organizations to grow and maintain organizational efficiency

OPEXEngine is extending its platform to R&D with 85+ benchmarks that help you determine if you are keeping pace with peer competitors in deriving maximum value from all of your R&D investments.

Learn about the opportunity to participate in the pilot project and receive a free benchmark report if you enroll by August 2022.

If you are a Finance and/or R&D executive, you will not want to miss this.


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Lauren Kelley
CEO & Founder @OPEXEngine
Lauren Kelley is the founder of OPEXEngine. After 25 years in fast growth high tech companies, she founded OPEXEngine to solve the problem that high tech companies lack good quality benchmarks from a neutral provider — especially operational benchmarks — to reduce risk and improve efficiency and growth.
Robert Levy
Expert Partner @Bain
Rob Levy is an expert partner in Bain's Private Equity and Technology and Cloud Services practices, based in Chicago. He joined in 2021 after serving as an expert advisor since 2018, during which he completed more than 50 technology and due diligence engagements. In tandem with some of the largest PE firms and Fortune 500 software companies in the US and internationally, he leads engagements spanning strategy and industry insights, innovation, business model development, software development, and operational excellence across product, marketing, operations, and support domains. Rob has generated more than $30B of deal value. Rob’s PE expertise includes thesis creation and market analysis, target identification, roll-up strategy, and due diligence (both commercial/strategic, as well as technical and GTM). Post-acquisition, Rob engages either the PE or the client directly on strategy, value realization, organizational alignment, R&D excellence, and GTM.
Rakesh Mehrotra
Partner @Bain & Company
Rakesh Mehrotra is a partner in Bain's Technology practice, based in Silicon Valley. He specializes in serving product, technology, and engineering organizations on product strategy and business and operating model transformations. He is also one of Bain's top experts on Software and Cloud Technologies. During his tenure as a consultant, Rakesh has developed growth and turnaround strategy for various high-tech companies. He has also worked with technology companies and private equity firms on multiple topics, including M&A, business model transformation, cost takeout, and engineering productivity.