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Processing and Integration of High-Speed 3D GPR Array Data, a Robust Tool for the Future ASCE 38 3D Standard for Subsurface Utility Engineering, an Infrastructure Resources Sponsored Webinar
The SUE industry is adopting the use of more high-tech tools as they become refined to acquire as much Quality Level B utility designation data as is possible. In 2020 ASCE 38-02, Standard Guideline for Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data, is slated for a major update to include guidelines for detection and depiction for 3D representation of utilities. One of the main tools to aid in designation of 3D utility data is GPR arrays. In the past the barriers to entry into this tech platform was the low speed of the systems and time to process the data to get results from field to deliverable. New generation arrays such as the ImpulseRadar Raptor and its complimentary Condor 3D processing software are a major leap forward for the sue of this tech in the 3D SUE initiative.

Presenter: Matthew Wolf, President, ImpulseRadar US


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