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Exploring the GCP Coffee Sustainability Reference Code
Following completion of a broad international public consultation, the Global Coffee Platform has published the Coffee Sustainability Reference Code, which provides a foundation to support the primary principles of sustainable coffee production. This reference code offers a common language to enable farmers, producer organizations and their business partners, as well as donors, NGOs, financial institutions and governments to advance their coffee sustainability efforts, collaboratively and effectively.

In this 45-minute webinar we will explore the Coffee Sustainability Reference Code and find out why it is relevant today, how was it developed and what are some ways that coffee industry leaders and other actors can leverage it to address sustainability challenges.

Join the conversation with:
o Ms. Gelkha Buitrago, Director of Programs and Corporate Partnerships, GCP
o Mr. Gustavo Bacchi, System Director at 4C Services GmbH
o Mr. John Schluter, Chairman, Café Africa and Chair GCP Technical Committee
o Mr. Jonathan W Clark, Senior Trader, Director at Dakman Vietnam Ltd.
o Mr. Matt Smith, EVP, Supply Chain, Westrock Coffee/S&D Coffee & Tea
o Ms. Paramita Mentari Kesuma, Executive Director, SCOPI Indonesia

Código de Referência de Sustentabilidade do Café da GCP

Neste webinar de 45 minutos, vamos explorar o Código de Referência de Sustentabilidade do Café, e descobrir porque ele é relevante, como foi desenvolvido e como os líderes da indústria e outros atores da cadeia podem usá-lo para enfrentar os desafios da sustentabilidade.

Código de Referencia de Sostenibilidad del Café

En este seminario web de 45 minutos exploraremos el Código de Referencia de Sostenibilidad del Café y descubriremos por qué es relevante hoy en día, cómo se desarrolló y cuáles son algunas de las formas en que los líderes de la industria del café y otros actores pueden aprovecharlo para abordar los desafíos de la sostenibilidad.
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