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The Importance of Email Archiving – Dealing with the data deluge anytime, anyplace!
Are you finding it difficult to manage storage requirements, retain the data that is needed, and dispose of information that is no longer needed in a way that can be defended to regulators and the courts?

The growing deluge of data makes all these needs more challenging to manage in a timely and efficient way. Organizations need a better way of addressing these problems.

We invite IT, compliance, and legal decision-makers to join Michael Osterman, Research Analyst from Osterman Research and Griffin Tamura, Head of US Sales, Waterford Technologies as we explore the following topics/ questions:

- What are the best practices for keeping data?
- The impact of the pandemic- what are the long-term ramifications?
- What insight and intelligence can you extract from your archived data?

If you have questions you would like Michael or Griffin to answer, please send them to us via Twitter direct message: @Waterford_Tech


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