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Health Beyond the Absence of Disease
This webinar explores what it means to be truly healthy and how you can attain your best state of well-being. Dr. Tom explores how chiropractic fits into health promotion vs. disease prevention. He also explains how an optimally functioning nerve system is vital to your best health.

Jun 8, 2021 04:30 PM in Vancouver

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Dr. Tom Preston
Founder, CEO, Head Coach @https://fullcirclecoachingandconsulting.com/
Dr. Tom Preston considers himself very fortunate to be a success in his ideal, both personally and professionally. Professionally his career started as a very successful family focused chiropractor where he started two practice from scratch right out of school. His focus on balancing his love of service with his love of family lead him to define success by taking 10-12 weeks of holidays/year while working 25 hours/week and making a nice 6 figure take home salary. Many peers and other docs took notice and wanted to learn how to accomplish this so he started his coach/consulting business to help other health care providers run a successful business and live their best life. That role has evolved to where he is a highly sought-after trainer, advisor, consultant and coach to health care professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide.