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Building A Bridge To A Digital Future In Rail
Railways are becoming more digital in all phases of operations from ticketing and scheduling to signaling, operations and predictive maintenance. With the recent stumble of passenger rail traffic, new fiscal constraints are accelerating digital innovation to lower operating costs, support new opportunities in freight and logistics and meet social political expectations. This webinar highlights critical organizational and technical requirements for railways to leverage their data for improved operational performance and resilience and outlines best practices for digital transformation.

• Boosting operational performance and delivering real-time KPI’s
• Managing the information explosion: building future-proof systems at scale
• Adding advanced analytics, AI/ML, Cloud and IIoT innovation into your asset management strategy
• Providing self-serve ad-hoc forensics to take appropriate measures against incidents
• Best practices for delivering actionable information within large organizations
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Matthew Miller
Transportation Industry Principal @AVEVA
Matthew Miller, AVEVA’s Transportation Industry Principal, has a broad background in developing industrial electronics, automated control, and information system software for OEM’s and enterprises. Before working at AVEVA, Matthew spent 35 years in numerous sales, marketing and management roles at OSIsoft, Viewtronics, and Xycom. As a degreed electronics engineer with specialty in computer-based controls and decades of market experience, Matthew has been working with leading technology firms to bring real-time performance intelligence to the supply chain and smart city initiatives.