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Poverty and Hardship – Then and Now
Every year, CHN provides training on what to expect from the Census Bureau’s annual poverty, income, and health insurance data, and how to find and use the data online. But the pandemic and the ensuing economic shutdown has complicated the data that’s being released and its interpretation. But don’t fret: We’re tailoring our training to prepare you for this year’s needs.

Join us for a webinar that will put the upcoming Census Bureau release in context and tell you how to use its findings. The Census Bureau’s new data, to be released on Sept. 14, covers the year 2020. But there is also more current data, available this year for the first time, that we want you to know how to use. Together, these sources make the case for the package of poverty-fighting policies proposed for action now in Congress.

The timing is perfect for you to learn about and act on this information – so please join us!
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