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Moving on from the elephant in the room
An international panel (from South Africa, Australia and the US) will share their perspectives on what national responses to this particular elephant say about their culture. The three speakers will debate what scars will run deep and how they think their societies will change over the medium and longer term – in how we work, how we play, how we relate to each other and the things we value/devote our time to. Or will change be driven for the most part by economic factors?

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Aug 19, 2020 12:00 PM in London

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Lesley Croskery
Director @In Focus Qualitative Research and Consultancy (Cape Town, South Africa)
Lesley Croskery established In Focus Qualitative Research in South Africa in 2003. Her aim, having worked for many years in corporate research companies in the UK and South Africa, was to avoid the 'sausage-machine' approach of some of the larger companies in this sector towards qualitative research. The company’s mission is to deliver ‘great qualitative research with great brands and to do it really well’ [not very eloquent but definitely heart-felt, she says], with director-level attention and insight at all stages. Lesley feels strongly about ensuring respect for the cultural context of research participants at all stages of the process, and always uses their home language during the research.
Andrew Therkelsen
Managing director @The Lab Insight & Strategy (Sydney, Australia)
Andrew is the Managing Director of The Lab Insight & Strategy in Sydney. He has been working in and around qualitative research for 20 years, split between the UK and Australia. Before the Lab he held senior positions at GfK and The Leading Edge in Australia, and Discovery Research in London. He was on the AQR committee for many years, before moving to Australia to drink chardonnay and conduct group discussions on Bondi Beach.
Hester Betlem
Associate director @The Behavioural Architects (New York, USA)
Hester works at The Behavioural Architects in New York, having previously worked as qualitative researcher at MetrixLab and Miner & Co. She has a PhD in Anthropology, and spent several years undertaking ethnographic research in Southern India. Following this, she then worked as a college professor at 2 US universities before venturing into the commercial world. She is deeply fascinated by the socio-cultural beliefs, habits and rituals that drive human behaviour