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Helping your supervisors get their “shift” together: 3 key people skills
Picture this: Your supervisors promoted up from operations don’t work effectively with people. You lose productivity, good employees and money but you gain frustration and down time. Your supervisors feel demoralized and frustrated.

Did you have any trouble imaging it? I didn’t think so!

But what can you do about it?
Learn three essential self-efficacy behaviours that are the foundation for all manager skill to use for virtual and in person management

Register for my masterclass on June 9, at 9 a.m. (10 Central, 11 Eastern) and learn the keystone behaviours that really matter for effective team management.

In this masterclass I will show you how your supervisors can: 

1. Orient to learning
2. Develop self and other awareness
3. Form new habits

And how these habits of excellence improve key people skills needed for:
• Collaboration
• Listening
• Communication
• Problem solving
• Conflict resolution

Sound useful? I look forward to seeing you on the masterclass list and to meeting you online on Jne 9th!

Jun 9, 2021 09:00 AM in Edmonton

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Marie Gervais
PhD, CEO @Shift Management Inc.
Marie Gervais, believes that a happy workplace is a productive and profitable one. Her mission is to build workplace capacity characterized by real communications that acknowledge people for who they are. Using the S.W.E.L. model of safety, wellness, encouragement and learning. Through both online courses and coaching, she helps supervisors and managers build their people skills and see visible results.