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How Should Funds Be Using CRM & Digital Marketing to Raise Assets?
It’s not surprising that many funds have opted to use a basic email distribution tool to send out marketing campaigns and investor communications. However, the pandemic has suddenly highlighted that this is just not enough. In the face of not being able to meet investors, hedge funds are now trying to get up to speed with digital marketing and there are many factors to look at. Of considerable importance is ensuring that your CRM and digital marketing efforts are integrated and that the analytics go a lot deeper than basic email opens.

Join us on the 27th November at 2pm GMT when we will be looking at the pitfalls of sticking with the status quo and how an integrated digital marketing solution will enable you to quickly target new investment opportunities. We will be covering:

• How integration increases efficiencies
• Basic analytics vs great analytics
• How to easily track multiple digital channels
• Specialist reporting and why it’s so important
• Using drip automation and dynamic content to communicate effectively

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