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Interim Measures in Competition Law Proceedings: A Long-Ignored Enforcement Tool
Cruz Vilaça Advogados (CVA) is pleased to invite you to its Online Talk on interim measures in competition law proceedings.
Timely and effective competition law intervention in today’s fast-changing world has become a pressing issue. It has been put forward that lengthy investigations risk undermining the enforcement of the rules on competition despite the record-high fines in recent years.
To speed-up intervention, competition authorities appear committed to use more often their power to order interim measures. In 2019, the European Commission imposed interim measures against Broadcom. This spring, the Portuguese Competition Authority imposed interim measures against the Portuguese Professional Football League.
Yet, it is striking that the European Commission has rarely used the power to order interim measures since the Court of Justice of the EU first acknowledged it in 1980. In Portugal, interim measures have also been seldom imposed. Obvious questions emerge from this observation: Have competition authorities refrained from imposing interim measures in the past? Why?

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