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ANIA DFW Distinguished Chapter - Educational Webinar Offering
Jennifer Witten, BSN, RN
Sarah Bryant, MSN, RN-BC
Dr. Susan McBride
Dr. Cynthia Plonien
Roxane Barrera, MSN, RN
Moderated by: Angela Carson, MHSI, BSN, RN

1. Justification of implementing a Hospital-At-Home (HAH) program.
2. Define inclusion and exclusion criteria for the HAH Program.
3. Discuss the process, results, and lessons learned from the implementation.
4. Describe how government regulations impact healthcare organization decisions
5. Discuss study purpose, design, and findings of two states and the nurses’ experiences using their electronic health record (EHR)
6. Define the phenomenon of “moral distress” and “moral injury” and associated impacts
7. Describe COMPASSIONomics and its impact on patients and care givers.
8. Outline ways Nurse Leaders and Nurse Administrators can influence moral distress of nurses, managing the EHR at the front line.
9. Discuss how to stay informed of government regulations
10. Understand how COVID-19 waivers affected healthcare organizations response

CEUs provided through Sigma Theta Tau International: Beta Beta-Dallas Chapter, with our thanks!


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