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The Customer of the Future and Hybrid Retail
The defining role of retail in the inner city seems to be called into question as shoppers find inspiration online. This can be challenging for mall chains and traditional corner shops as they need to fight in a market in which people are buying less while also demanding more personal and convenient ways to shop.
This shift brings us to hybrid models for retail business, with stores active both online and offline. Stationary retails should be made future-proof through online presence and activities. Moreover, since online retail is also subject to growth limits, internet-rooted businesses must expand towards the analogue by setting up showrooms.

This event aims to get first-hand insights from European policymakers and industry stakeholders on the concrete actions that the European institutions will propose to tackle the changing nature of the marketplace. The year ahead no longer differentiates between online and offline customers. The marketplace of the future is much more complex and diverse; upcoming legislation at the European level such as the Digital Markets Act should reflect this transformation.
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