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New Healthy Habits with the New Moon in Virgo
Virgo Moon energies are about detail, perfection and intricacies. During this Moon phase, we can take a critical look at our schedules, routines, time management and organizational habits.

The Virgo New Moon is a great time to pay attention to your health. These lunar energies can be quite worrisome and nervy, so it’s a great time to learn to relax better and to put future worries out of your mind. Mindfulness and meditation can be really helpful so make focusing only on the now a key part of your Virgo New Moon preparations. With Virgo being an earth sign, anchoring yourself in nature can help too.

Find out how your zodiac sign can make the most of these energies with professional astrologer, Kelli Fox. If you'd like the opportunity to have your natal birth chart read during this event be sure to include your birth date (MONTH/DAY/YEAR), birth time (if known) and birth city, state and country upon registration.

Sep 9, 2021 02:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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