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Master Data Management - what is it? And how do you master it?
Master Data Management (MDM) is often perceived as a discipline for sales and business operations, where a large amount of transactional data is processed daily. That creates a lot of challenges around ensuring unique data input and improved data quality so that the same type of information would not be stored in ten different systems, but rather - flow from the master source, keeping it synchronized and up-to-date across the organization.

For IT, there is a similar challenge in ensuring a good-quality digital meta-data! It is often referred to as MDM for IT, data driven architecture or a field within Enterprise Architecture. When it comes to solving IT-related MDM, it is about creating better meta-data for improved management. We also can not get around without Data Governance (DG) which ensures that meta-data is used across the organization correctly and master data is directed in one place allowing standardized integration flows.

In this webinar, we will introduce you to the overall principles of MDM and DG, how to apply them to IT in order to ensure proper linkage between integration management, data management, and meta-data. In this session, we will also demonstrate how you can track information throughout data streams and create both transparency and better management of your master data.

This is particularly relevant if the organization wants to transform its IT landscape. It is important that the individual information assets are addressed through contexts, master data, and ownership.

Join this 30min session and learn how to master your information assets and meta-data to improve your data quality, transparency, and governance. Webinar is best suited for CIOs, CTOs and EAs.

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Morten Stender
Partner @Staun&Stender
Morten is one of the founding partners at Staun&Stender - a leading advisory and solution provider to business change and transformation. Morten brings professional background of strategy management and successful strategy implementation across the large cap segment. He has researched and practiced consulting in strategy, planning and IT Management since 90’s. Morten holds a PhD, M.Sc. and B.Com from the Technical University of Denmark and Copenhagen Business School. He is an IEEE reviewer and appointed examiner at Danish Universities.