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IFSA Masters Series Webinar - Feng Shui & Psychology of Space
Designing environments that promote the well-being of its occupants is the common denominator of Feng Shui and The Psychology of Space thus far.

While Feng Shui, a practice that has been ongoing since thousands of years back and had gained broad popularity both in the East and West, the latter is comparatively newer with lesser public awareness.

In this webinar, Master Dr Sabine Kullak introduces the discipline of the Psychology of Space, its findings and its relation to Feng Shui. Learn about the advantages of integrating the two approaches, both for users and practitioners when creating spaces for work and living.

Jan 22, 2021 04:00 PM in Singapore

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Master Dr Sabine Kullak
@Self Element
Master Dr. Sabine Kullak is an accredited Master of Feng Shui by International Feng Shui Association. During her six years of living in China, she studied Feng Shui, Ba Zi Suan Ming and I Ching with Grand Master Raymond Lo in Hong Kong, and has embraced their practical implications in daily life. She has a successful track record of delivering consultations and trainings for Western and Asian audiences. Master Dr. Kullak holds a PhD in Organizational and Environmental Psychology and has vast experience as a Human Resources Development expert for multinational corporations. By integrating her knowledge of Chinese Life Sciences, Western Psychology and intercultural expertise, she offers services that help clients make better career choices, live and work more successfully in dynamic and international environments, and boost entrepreneurial success. Her ‘Self Element’ brand stands for professional Feng Shui and Ba Zi Suan Ming consulting for both corporate and private clients.