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The Great Awakening vs Global Reset: How Full Disclosure Trumps Transhumanism & Artificial Intelligence
The Great Reset was first proposed in June 2020 to rebuild societies and economies worldwide following the Covid-19 pandemic. The initiative envisages a major role to be played by big tech companies in this rebuilding effort, through the creation of Techno-Governments and Smart Cities. Companies working in innovative areas such as blockchain, Internet of Things, AI & Transhumanism, will have the authority of a County Government and will build smart cities from the ground up, controlling judicial, educational, police & other governing functions as Transhumanism & AI are promoted and used to control the population. Legislation proposed in Nevada will open the door to similar proposals in the US & around the world that will profoundly alter societies and economies, just as promised in the Global Reset.

The Great Awakening is a contrary global process whereby individuals, communities and nations take back control from the unholy alliance being formed between big government and big tech. Essential to the Great Awakening is a Full Disclosure process which reveals the truth about the hidden forces controlling societal and economic life, the roles played by extraterrestrial life, and further, releasing advanced life-changing technologies that have been suppressed for decades. The Great Awakening will allow individuals to reach their fullest potential as sovereign beings that shape society in ways that better align with their highest aspirations.

In this Webinar Intensive, Dr. Michael Salla will explain the all-important crossroad that humanity has collectively reached, the respective pros and cons of the Great Awakening versus the Global Reset, and why the need for "full disclosure" is more urgent than ever before, along with who is working to see it delivered to the people.

Webinar Trailer now available: https://youtu.be/o5BNWSgJgM0

More detailed Webinar description at: https://tinyurl.com/ne5evubu

Length: 4 hours (+ Q&A at the end)

Mar 27, 2021 09:00 AM in Hawaii

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