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Asynchro-whaaaatt?? The Communication Hack that Transforms the Way Your Team Sells
Feeling the zoom fatigue?

Finding it difficult to stay focused and retain knowledge from your daily barrage of meetings?

After a year of “shifting” from in-person to virtual, 78% of leaders say they’re on “collaborative overload” and are seeking more quiet time.

Sales enablement practitioners are looking for ways to adapt their services from just “working virtually” to “working smart.” They’re beginning to find answers in leveraging technology and asynchronous communication together.

What’s "asynchronous"? It’s communication that is not simultaneous or time bound (think email or recorded video). And in 2021, its role in the transformation of enablement services is broad and wide-ranging.

Learn how leading companies are leveraging an asynchronous approach to sales training, kickoffs and other enablement programs and strategies that you can put into action.

You’ll discover:
-The antidote to zoom fatigue and how to get max value from meetings and SKOs

-How to use time-shifted video to foster collaboration and best-practice sharing

-How to scale the virtual feedback and coaching processes

-How to capture and institutionalize the tribal knowledge that drives revenue

…and much more.

You won’t want to miss this. Save your seat today.


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