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Can carbon sequestration in vineyard soils offset greenhouse gas emissions?
This webinar will explore the possibilities for using carbon sequestration in vineyard soils to offset greenhouse gas emissions. It will cover a range of points including general emissions management, how soil carbon can be measured, and methods to increase and protect the carbon in vineyard soils. It will also include discussion of some of the challenges involved in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions through carbon sequestration and provide an update on changes to the soil carbon methodology that are currently under development.

Oct 28, 2021 11:30 AM in Adelaide

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Prof. Robert White
@University of Melbourne
Prof. Robert White is Emeritus Professor of Soil Science in the University of Melbourne, where he held the Chair of Soil Science from 1994 to 2003. Previously he was Professor of Soil Science and Director of the Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre at Massey University, New Zealand. He has extensive experience in soil science nationally and internationally, having worked in CSIRO and universities and been a private consultant in the viticulture industry from 2004. His main experience is in soil, water and nutrient management in places as diverse as Australia, USA, UK, NZ, China and southern Africa, where he has led national and international research teams. Bob has received several awards for his research and has authored a number of books on soil science.
Prof. Timothy Cavagnaro
@The University of Adelaide
Prof. Timothy Cavagnaro is Professor of Soil Ecology and Deputy Head of School (Research) in the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine of the University of Adelaide. Tim’s research is focused on soil ecological processes, with an emphasis on the impacts of land management and environmental change on soil ecosystem services. While Tim works in a range of agricultural systems, vineyard floor management, soil microbiomes, and carbon sequestration are major themes in his research.
Dr Sharon Harvey
R&D Program Manager @Wine Australia
Dr Sharon Harvey is an R&D Program Manager at Wine Australia, where she looks after projects in the areas of climate adaptation, climate mitigation, biosecurity and pests and diseases. Sharon is currently working closely with others in the sector to develop a roadmap towards carbon neutrality for Australian wine.