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Do Job Relations and the Coaching Kata have common roots?
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Wayne Meyer (Teijin Automotive) emailed me in May 2021 and asked ‘Was what Mike Rother observed at Toyota and branded Coaching Kata either Job Relations or the current ongoing evolution of TWI JR within Toyota?

What a fantastic question and one that indicated Wayne’s depth of experience in practicing Job Relations and the Toyota Kata patterns.

To digress then I’ll come back …

In about 2015 I had a ‘flash’ where I recognized what I believed to be a heavy overlap between Job Relations and the Coaching Kata. We ran a 2 day workshop with Fast Global Solutions in 2017 that brought the two together. From that I learnt that 1 + 1 can make 3.

In 1999 Spear and Bowen wrote (Harvard Business Review) ‘ … the key is to understand that the Toyota Production System creates a community of scientists.’

In Jeff Liker’s Toyota Way 2nd Edition his Toyota Way System model puts scientific thinking in the center.

Are Wayne’s question and the 3 things above coincidental? Of course not.

Join Wayne and I on November 17 as we address Wayne’s question, why it is so important, and what Wayne’s suggestions are for people in similar positions. Register here please.

Thank you, Oscar Roche.

Nov 17, 2021 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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