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Widen your readership through research story-telling
Though structured metadata is essential for improving a journal's discoverability, online outreach is inevitable if university publishers wish to widen their publications' readership by including funders, policymakers, industry, and researchers of other disciplines. Today most global premier publishers have requested the authors to submit plain language summaries (PLS), graphical abstracts, and video abstracts, in addition to the usual abstracts. The intent is to make online research sharing more effortless and engaging. In this 1-hour session, Woei Fuh Wong (Founder of ies Research) will showcase how to story-tell a research combining the PLS, graphical abstract, and video abstract into a one-page research highlight (iestory). Adopting the concept of content marketing and movie teaser, he will show examples of how iestory can increase the traffic from social media outreach and invite readership to a published paper. More importantly, the online footprint will provide an insight into the readers' behaviors in alignment with research visibility and citation. Such analytics will help publishers and authors to refine their publishing strategies over time.


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