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How to save time and reduce risk by fully automating the creation of your reports
Are you creating your reports manually today? Or perhaps using complex submission publishing tools to build your reports? Investigational medicinal product dossiers (IMPD), clinical study reports (CSR), annual reports, training manuals, standard operating procedures (SOP) and even full 510k & PMA submissions could all benefit from a tool designed specifically for their creation.

Merging multiple documents into 1 or more PDFs, manually adding cover pages, including tables of contents, applying headers & footers that incorporate consistent pagination across the entire report and ensuring the final output doesn’t exceed any regulatory filesize limits is a time-consuming manual process for many. It often requires separate teams of people, or eats up valuable time from others.

The manual work required, and the complexity of the tools used today, make report publishing a very time-consuming and expensive task.

Today, report publishing can be fully automated.

Join Paul Ireland in this 30 minute webinar to discover how you can easily:

Simplify your report publishing process:
- Merge or split multiple documents, add cover pages and tables of contents, apply consistent headers and footers, paginate, and ensure complete sets of bookmarks and working hyperlinks are included.
- Eliminate manual steps from your report creation process
- Significantly speed up your process by automating the creation of reports from ZIP files, Documentum Virtual Documents, Veeva Binders or entire folder structures
- Generate reports that are fully technically compliant with any health authority’s requirements and ready to be used separately or included in your submissions.

Looking forward to seeing you in our webinar on June 9th.
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Paul Ireland
VP Life Sciences @DocShifter
Currently the VP of Life Sciences and Product Owner at DocShifter, Paul has over 20 years of experience in helping to provide regulatory software and service solutions to Life Sciences organisations globally. Paul has practical industry and commercial experience in delivering content authoring & rendering, Regulatory Information Management, submission and report-level publishing, and electronic Document Management solutions.