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供应商如何提高InCheck报告*ZDHC MRSL符合性百分比?How to Improve InCheck* Report ZDHC MRSL Compliance Rate?
越来越多的湿处理工厂(印染,水洗,皮革,合成革等)通过InCheck报告向下游客户展示ZDHC MRSL的符合性。但品牌和供应商有很多困惑:Gateway化学品数据有限-真的吗?为何ZDHC MRSL合规比率低?如何提高InCheck报告ZDHC MRSL符合性百分比?化学品供应商不配合怎么办?怎样寻找替代品?等等
More and more wet processing facilities (Dyeing & Printing Mills, Laundries, Tanneries, PU Factories, etc.) demonstrate their MRSL conformance to downstream customers via InCheck reports. But there's a lot of confusion from brands and suppliers: Gateway chemicals database is limited - really? Why is ZDHC MRSL compliance rate low? How to improve the percentage of ZDHC MRSL conformance in InCheck report? What to do if chemical suppliers don't cooperate? How to find suitable alternatives? etc.

在ZDHC执行过程中,发现供应商化学品库存清单(CIL)中化学品名称超过1/3与该化学品供应商在ZDHC Gateway注册的名称不一致,5%的化学品不符合ZDHC生产限用物质清单(MRSL),1%的化学品已经停止生产等。InCheck报告作为供应商证明其厂界范围内使用的化学品是否符合ZDHC MRSL要求及有多少百分比ZDHC MRSL合规的证明性文件,化学品库存清单(CIL)中化学品供应商和化学品信息准确是最基本的一步,如何获取准确的化学品信息?如何寻找MRSL不合规化学品的替代品?如何与化学品供应商沟通并寻找已经停产的化学品的替代品?本次研讨会就这些问题一一分享解决方案。
During the implementation of ZDHC, over one-third of chemical names in CIL were found to be inconsistent with the names registered by the formulators (chemical companies) in ZDHC Gateway. About 5% of the CIL chemicals did not meet ZDHC MRSL and about 1% of chemicals in CIL had been discontinued. Incheck Report is a certifying document that suppliers (wet processing facilities) verify what percentage of the chemicals used within its plant boundary meet ZDHC MRSL, CIL(Chemical Inventory List) is the basis of the InCheck report, it’s critical to ensure the accuracy of CIL (chemical company name and chemical name). How to obtain the correct chemical company name and chemical name? How to find suitable alternatives for MRSL non-compliant chemicals? How to find suitable alternatives for discontinued chemicals? This webinar will share solutions to these challenges.

Language: Chinese

Jul 29, 2020 01:30 PM in Beijing, Shanghai

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