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Precision Experience: The Solution to Creating a Shared Vision
In this episode of The CARE Culture webinar series we take a thoughtful look at healthcare workforce, employee experience, and the critical factors that influence burnout, productivity and satisfaction.

Dr. Hamlet Benyamin, Internist and ProCARE’s Chief Medical Advisor, shares his unique perspective and research insights around what he’s coined as “precision experience”, a vital part of precision health.

“The precision experience focuses on the workforce experience to address burnout, shortages, and a paradigm shift from fee for service (FFS) to value-based care,” shares Dr. Benyamin.

This compelling panel discussion, led by John Hancock, ProCARE’s Chief Commercial Officer, connects Dr. Benyamin’s exploration of specific drivers of productivity, patient satisfaction, and organizational growth, as well as the emergence of the “payvider” to the ‘CARE Culture’ insights and perspective of Jack Liu, ProCARE’s Founder & CEO.


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Hamlet Benyamin, MD
Internist & ProCARE Chief Medical Advisor
Dr. Benyamin has over 15 years of experience in health care and brings perspective as well as physician leadership experience to the table. During his career, his duties have included patient care as well as contract negotiations at some of the busiest hospitals in the country. Physician leadership is a tenet that Dr. Benyamin not only believes in but has embraced as he helped align goals of physicians and administrators alike in mutually beneficial arrangements. Having traveled across the country in markets from Washington D.C. to the west coast, he has been involved in hospital-based healthcare delivery strategy. Currently, his interests include healthcare informatics and has recently completed a corporate health system sponsored physician leadership engagement education program.
Jack Liu
Founder & CEO @ProCARE
Jack is an innovator that is passionate about solving business problems through technology and automation. He has over 2 decades of extensive experience in software development, Incentive Compensation Management, and the implementation and delivery of compensation solutions. He draws upon his experience from various Fortune 100 and 500 companies across multiple verticals to develop a disruptive technology solution specifically aimed at the physician compensation market. Jack's visionary leadership has shaped a platform and company that will optimize and advance physician compensation delivery in the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry.
John Hancock
Chief Commercial Officer @ProCARE
John enjoys providing solutions that improve workplace cultures and healthcare. He has over 30 years of experience in marketing, finance, and business development in the technology and healthcare industries. John started his career as an engineer in Fortune 500 companies but transitioned to founder and CXO roles in early-stage growth companies focused on B2B software.