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Angelbeat Sustainability September 28
SUSTAINABILITY is the focus of this Wednesday, September 28 Webinar, covering Climate Change, Solar/Renewal Energy, MicroGrids, Batteries, EV Charging, Net Zero Carbon Emissions, plus Grants/Rebates/Incentives available from the Inflation Reduction Act.

In addition to these topics, relevant for all attendees, there is a special talk on California/West Coast initiatives, with the City of Los Angeles Executive Sustainability Officer.

Overall, you'll gain valuable strategic insights, plus practical recommendations on how to implement your sustainability initiatives today.

- Receive $50 gift card for holding post-webinar meeting to design your energy projects
- Get reimbursed for up to $1,000, to implement these projects

9:20 PT (12:20 ET) Angelbeat Seminar Overview, Climate Week Announcement Summary

9:30 LA's Green New Deal: Leading The World Toward A Low-Carbon, Green-Energy Future, City of LA

10:00 LA County Sustainability Office: Building the Largest EV Charging Infrastructure in the Country

10:30 MicroGrids, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging for Multi-Car Facilities, Solar/Renewal Energy, Lighting Innovations beyond LED's, Financial Incentives/Grants, OneSource

11:20 Inflation Reduction Act: Tax Implications and Financial Incentives for Sustainability, Clean/Solar/Renewal Energy, EV Charging Projects, RSM

11:40 Industry-Leading Duct & Air Sealing Technology, Aeroseal

11:55 Forensic Energy Management: The Value of Submetering and Detailed Analytics, Circuitmeter

12:10 Net Zero Strategies: Carbon Offsets by Pumping Carbon-Rich Bio-Oil Underground, Charm Industrial

12:20 Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability: Gain Insights Into Your Carbon Emissions, Monitor/Quantify Your Environmental Impact, Address Climate Change, Accelerate Net Zero Initiatives


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Ron Gerber
CEO @Angelbeat
Victoria Simon
Executive Officer, Sustainability @City of Los Angeles
Minh Le
GM, Energy and Environmental Services @County of Los Angeles
Brian Stevens
Commercial & Industrial Manager @SolarEdge
Corbin Davis
Energy Director @OneSource
Matthew Sekol
WW Sustainability Industry Advocate @Microsoft
Christian Wood
Principal, National Tax Practice, Accounting Credits, Incentives, Methods @RSM