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Cannabis in Massachusetts: The Latest in Compliance, Government Relations, and Interstate Growth
Five years after legalization via ballot initiative, the Massachusetts cannabis industry is still in its infancy, presenting myriad opportunities for growth and increasing potential for business-shattering slip-ups. Join us for a timely overview of emerging cannabis markets in the Northeast and best practices for Massachusetts business operators expanding into newly legalized states.

The program will empower cannabis business licensees and their advisors with the information they need to remain in compliance with the commonwealth’s evolving regulations while exploring growth strategies such as licensing and M&A in New York and New Jersey.

The session will also include a discussion around positive impact planning and corporate social responsibility, and discuss why these activities are critical to licensing, compliance, and social equity here in Massachusetts and in other states.

• Adam Fine, Vicente Sederberg

• Jennifer Flanagan, Vicente Sederberg; former commissioner, Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission
• Heather Kumer, Vicente Sederberg
• Kim Napoli, Vicente Sederberg
• Becca Rutenberg, Vicente Sederberg


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