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Data Protection Laws: Understanding Legal and Practical Dimensions
In this webinar we will cover:

1. Need and advantages of a Data Protection Law
2. Introduction to the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill, 2019
3. Compliance challenges that businesses may face and how to tackle them

The PDP law is going to bring a paradigm shift in the manner in which data is being handled in India. The law, once enacted, will make an individual an ‘owner’ of his/her data. Accordingly, PDPB will be a big contributor in implementing the ‘right of privacy’ insofar as it relates to the personal data of individuals.

So far as it relates to businesses, under the law, data processors will be required to notify the individuals and obtain appropriate consent for collecting and processing their personal data. It would mandate the data collectors not to gather data more than what is required. In nutshell, several obligations are proposed on the data collectors/ processors depending on the type and magnitude of data they collect.

In this webinar, let's understand the practical and legal dimensions of this upcoming law and also learn more about the opportunities that this law is going to create for professionals.
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